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Law Enforcement and Military pricing on FNH, and Beretta products
call, email or stop by

Confirmed Inbounds:
Interarms underfolder AK


Suppressors currently on order:
Rugged, AMC, OSS,
If there is a picture of it, then it was here as of the above update time,
To the best of my ability
FNH  Law Enforcement pricing applies to:
* All Sworn Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) State, County and City
* All Federal Law Enforcement Officers; FBI, US Marshals, DEA etc.
* All Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation officers
* All Retired LEO with "retired credentials including Federal, State, County
& City
* All Active Duty Military and Retired
* State Licensed Security Companies
* State/ City Licensed Security Officers
* All TSA employees
* All Railroad Police
* Fire Marshals with appropriate ID and arrest powers
* Court Judges
* District Attourneys and Deputy District Attorneys
* Coroners